The Best Businessmen

Best Businessmen Overview

Top five the best businessmen are

1. Carlos Slim

                      It might surprise some people to know that the wealthiest person in the world is from a less than likely candidate, Mexico, yes Mexico. Carlos has been on the top of the list for three consecutive years, and that makes him the best businessman in the world. Estimated net worth 73 Billion Dollars. (That’s enough to give every person on the planet ten bucks.)

2. Bill Gates

Ringing in at number two in the best businessmen is a much more obvious spectacle, Bill Gates. Widely known for Microsoft, Bill Gates is the second most wealthy person on the planet. Estimated net worth: 67 Billion Dollars.

3. Amancio Ortega 

Reigning in from Spain is number three Amancio Ortega. Known for his dominant influence on the textile industry, until his retirement in 2011. He also is known to never where any of the textiles the companies he has founded produce. Estimated net Worth 57 Billion Dollars.

4. Warren Buffett

Warren rank at number four. Ranking at number one until he donated a few billion dollars to charities, Warren is one of the more charitable billionaires. Mr Buffet is known for being an avid political adviser and has sat down with US President Obama on multiple occasions. Estimated net worth: 53 Billion Dollars.

5. Larry Ellison

Our final businessman is Larry Ellison. Founder of Oracle, a world choice for software. Oracle started as database software seeking compatibility with IBM’s database software, that was later shot down. Regardless Larry Ellison made Oracle flourish to one of the worlds top software providers. Estimated Net Worth 43 Billion Dollars.

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