How to Get a Fist Full of Dollars to Fund Your Bussiness


As it should be, the Congress was highly impressed. Damn near gave them the 25BBD, but for the lack of a Business Plan. They came back 10 days later with yet another presentation, less the Lear Jets and what might have been misinterpreted as feigned remorse in exchange for a deemed more adequately assessed financial needs the good Congresspersons had insinuated indispensable, only now up ticked to $34 Billion.

One Senator, quite possibly ex-banker or friends to one, flat out told the Detroit visitors that an application as theirs with no P & L, no Proforma Income Statement, no Use of Proceeds, no visible ample collateral and no Business Plan, if presented to their most friendly of bankers, would have been summarily dismissed as unworthy of merit.

The gentlemen from Detroit were preceded at the Congress by one Hank Paulson and his able assistant, one Mr KashnKeri just a few weeks back. It appeared obvious that writing business plans is not these fellows banana split. They had it all figured out already. They didn’t need to write a letter about it! It was only $25Bs. Besides, with limos on the way and Lear Jets waiting on the tarmac, whos got time for writing, anyway?

They could have just clicked on my Web Site Marketing That Works web page, followed the text links to Tim Berry at Palo Alto and in five minutes prepare a great Business Plan in PowerPoint to dazzle the U. S. Congress and get a sack full of money fast. But when you are a mogul, I suppose it is hard to be modest.

So, if any of you out there in the Blogosphere need a fist full of dollars for your business, my advice is: Take the 3Cs to heart and answer the few pesky questions all lenders and investors always ask when asked for money:

A.-CHARACTER good character is never too much when asking for money.

B.-CREDIT – FICO notwithstanding, paying on time can carry you a long way.

C.-COLLATERAL, when character and/or credit is less than stellar, good and ample collateral, could sure make up for it.

And now for a few questions:

1- How much money do you need and when do you need it?

2- Why do you need this money like you do have a P and L Statement?

3- What precisely do you plan to do with it like Use of Proceeds Statement?

4- How long do you need the money for like 3, 5 or 7 years?

5- How will you generate the funds to pay it back that old P & L again?

6- Who are you anyway – have you successfully done anything like this before, like a Resume of the Principals, the job at Home Depot and things?

7- What can you pledge for me to appropriate in case you can’t pay it back, Like the 3rd C above GOOD AND AMPLE COLLATERAL?

8- Do You Have A Business Plan for financial analysis and judicial review?

Reasonable modesty aside, but as I tell you in my Home Page, I have been some 50+ years in the advice and counsel business helping entrepreneurs, business and professional persons create new or expand existing businesses.

IT MIGHT BE JUST ME, but I do not ever remember anyone of my clients showing up at the Congress or at their favorite banker’s desk, asking for a fist full of dollars with NO BUSINESS PLAN.

With Tim Berry and Palo Alto Software around, there just is NO EXCUSE for it, Messrs: Paulson, Kashnkari and the gentlemen from Detroit notwithstanding.

Now, you just go ahead over to my Web Site Marketing That Works listed at the end of this Blog. Read the explanation of Business PlanPro or even the Duck Tape Marketing Plan the aforementioned applicants could have got. Follow the text links to Tim Berry and Palo Alto and work the capital sources for your capital needs.

Palo Alto Software gives you the easiest step-by-step process, built-in market research data, powerful forecasting tools, and even a No-Risk 60-day money-back guarantee. This stuff is even approved by the U. S. Small Business Administration-SBA whom you may already know.

Palo Alto has a stunning live demo and over 500 sample business plans online you can look over to get your ideas percolating before you decide what and when to get your software. When you have decided, you can download online and be on your way fast.

In fact PCWorld, Inc. Magazine, PC Magazine, The Wall Street Journal,, and even one Guy Kawasaki have glowingly endorsed the software. Go ahead click my Web Site Marketing That Works page where you will find everything you need to know about Business PlanPro which could have saved those fellows from Detroit from the perils of your standard U.S. Congress put-downs we saw on TV twice in three weeks.

You could well be tempted to think that Bankers already know all these objectives, priorities, deadlines, management team, projected profit/loss, cash-flow, sales and marketing plans stuff. You may think that all is bankers guru stuff taking time from useful work running the business! And, what about that mission statement stuff? Or, keys to success babble? Anyone wasting time on all this stuff wouldn’t have time to run the business, would he?

Well – maybe not, or not necessarily, but there might just be more than enough time to create a business plan; and, run the business better and know what you’re doing! Let’s just see this Blog may help you along:

Let’s work up a simple guide, a track to run on and some good coaching to keep you on track.

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