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All the major stock indices including the Dow, NASDAQ and the S&P 500 are down well over 30% YTD as of early November 2008. American Investors along with their Investment Advisors and Fund Managers need to recognize that the stock market is not the only place, and most certainly not the best place to invest their capital. Forex Managed Fund

So-called alternative investments such as the Foreign Exchange or Forex have been major portfolio components for astute investors in Europe and Asia for years. For some unknown reason, the US has been missing this boat and putting all of their eggs in the same stock and bond baskets for years.

Investment Advisors, Fund Managers and high net-worth investors looking for alternatives to the stock market and real estate to grow and protect their portfolios should look at a Managed Program in the Forex Market.

The Foreign Exchange, which is also referred to as the Forex Market or The Foreign Currency Market is a global electronic market 35 times larger than the NYSE with over $3 trillion a day in turn over. It is a cash-based market, with unparalleled liquidity and tremendous leverage (100:1 is standard and in certain circumstances up to 400:1 is available, although not typically recommended). Opportunities for aggressive yet safe portfolio growth of 3% – 5% + per month are available from certain Managed Programs.

Trading in the Forex market is a high-level skill game and requires extensive knowledge and experience to garner consistent success while maintaining capital preservation. One should look to invest in a professionally managed fund or program with a track record of consistent profitability and a fundamental strategy of capital preservation.

Advantages of a professionally managed Forex program include:

Extreme Liquidity
Protection of Capital
High Returns
Immediate Access to Your Capital

An exceptional opportunity in the Forex market is the White Knight Investments Managed Forex Program, details can be found on our website: The White Knight fund performed exceptionally well in 2007 with a total return for the year of 71.10% and only one drawdown month of -.11%. Performance in 2008, while more modest, is up almost 15% going into November.

This kind of performance and consistency is not easy to find in the Forex market, or any market for that matter, and should be worth serious consideration for those professional money managers who are looking for an edge to diversify their portfolios for growth.

The White Knight managed program expert trading team has combined experience in the Forex market of over 20 years. Our executive program manager oversees all trading activities and monitors all automated and manual execution systems. He has been a professional money manager for the past five years and has been trading successfully in the Forex market for six years.

Our trading team utilizes a variety of technical and fundamental analysis tools as well as up to five proprietary automated signals for the trades executed on behalf of the White Knight Managed Forex Program. Currencies include the trades in the program are limited to the majors: USD, CAD, CHF, GBP, EUR, JPY, AUD, and the NZD.

Capital preservation is the primary concern to our trading team and is reflected in all of our trading systems. Our combined trading systems never allow more than five percent of the total equity in our client’s accounts to be in open positions at any given time. Typically less than two percent of the equity is exposed in open trades. Stop-loss measures are employed with every traded position to minimize the downside risk of draw-down should market conditions suddenly shift.

The combination of the White Knight automated and manually executed systems based on a variety of analysis methods spread out over a number of the major currency pairs offers a high yield program while maintaining a diversified and safe approach to Forex investing.

How many investors and money managers out there would love to trade their 30% + losses of 2008 for a 15% gain? Forex is the current wave of Europe and Asia and sooner or later the United States will have to recognize this fact and make it the wave of the future here.

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